Digitally Amplify your Brand identity.

An average man conducts about 3-4 searches on Google per day.

Have you established your online presence to attract these online visitors?

Are you listed among the top internet searches in your business?

Have you achieved online success with your brand’s presence and sales?

You have landed on the right page if any of your answers are negative!

Don’t worry, We got you covered with the best digital team to bring your brand success on every digital platform!

Just having a website is not enough. Even creating social media pages does not suffice the competitive nature of today’s online market. In fact, digital marketing goes much beyond websites and social media pages and extends to optimisation of content through mediums like mobile apps, paid ads in various gaming applications, paid ads on other websites and search engines, videos to engage and educate the customer, blogs to redirect traffic and generate leads and much more!

Therefore, Tenjump brings the entire bouquet of services to you:

  • Website Designing and Development: The most basic requirement for any brand to capture the online market, is a website. A website gives detailed information about your company and its products/ services. It is the core to any digital marketing campaign as every other medium is channeled through your website. We help you create attractive, mobile friendly, SEO-enabled, fast websites for the best digital experience.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: PPC advertising enables you to reach internet users on a number of digital platforms through paid ads. We help you setup PPC campaigns on Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook and show your ads to people searching for terms related to your products or services. PPC campaigns are very effective in bringing leads as they segment users based on their demographic characteristics (age, gender etc) or even their particular interests or location. The most popular PPC platforms are Google Ads and Facebook. Tenjump is competent with a team of experts to create your PPC network for best branding and conversions.

  • Content Marketing: Content is at the centre of every search and all results are channeled through the content itself. Therefore, we pay special emphasis on content development, creation and optimisation. The goal of content marketing is to reach potential customers through the use of content. Content is usually published on a website and then promoted through social media, email marketing, SEO, or even PPC campaigns. We cover all aspects of content marketing: blogs, ebooks, online courses, infographics, podcasts, and webinars.

  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing channels. Many people confuse email marketing with spam email messages we all receive per day, but that’s not what email marketing is all about. Email marketing is the medium to get in touch with your potential customers or the people interested in your brand. Many digital marketers use all other digital marketing channels to add leads to their email lists and then, through email marketing, they create customer acquisition funnels to turn those leads into customers. At Tenjump, we can set up your entire email campaign for maximum lead generation and conversions.

  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing includes all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,, Twitter, Snapchat etc. Running a successful social media campaign requires you to build an effective strategy to attract consumers based on their demographics. These campaigns should be targeted towards specific customer requirements. Also, social media campaigns are a significant way to spread brand awareness and build trust. Through social media marketing, you can get leads and even sell online. Tenjump offers exclusive social media marketing services to cover all platforms and enhance your digital presence.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Promoting other people’s products and getting other websites to promote your product/service is another way of attracting online traffic and redirecting traffic to your website. Affiliate marketing also gives an opportunity to earn money through commissions from other brand’s advertisements. Tenjump can help you associate with top visited websites to run your marketing campaign and thus, bring you more leads and website visits.

  • Video Marketing: YouTube is one of the most used video platforms and we turn to YouTube for every kind of video. This raging video platform has also become an integral medium for digital marketing as you can upload tutorials for your product/service engaging users and building trust. Not just youtube, but also Facebook videos, Snapchat videos and Instagram videos are gaining popularity to attract consumers. Videos combined with SEO and content optimisation can lead to best results. Tenjump brings you this service as well to amplify your digital campaign.

  • Conversion rate optimisation: CRO is targeted towards compelling users to take action like making the purchase, signing up, subscribing to the newsletter, contacting your brand etc. In order to carry out CRO, we use Google Experiments and Visual Web Optimiser to segregate customers based on their choices and preferences to improve conversions with targeted marketing tools. Using the user’s search history and buying pattern, we we recommend similar products and services to increase chances of conversions and lead generation your brand. We also help identify the obstacles in your potential customer’s path and assist in leading the customer to your portal giving you more business.


Brand strategy

The most important aspect for digital marketing is coming up with the right plan. There is no one-size-fits-all ideology here. Every brand is different and has a unique customer base. We help come up with the best strategy to market your brand and help you achieve your business goals; be it building awareness, driving traffic, gaining more conversions, understanding customer preferences, gaining feedback or propagating your product; we build a custom plan for you which is exclusive to your brand’s requirements.

Content Creation

Digital marketing campaign is dependent on content for its effectiveness. Every method of digital marketing requires content. Our content experts help in creating unique, compelling and optimised content for all your portals and mediums: social media campaigns, emails, blogs, website, ebooks, online courses, scripts for videos, captions etc. Also, the content is regularly updated and optimised to keep you ahead in search results and drive traffic.


We ensure that the right marketing tools and mediums are used to take your brand higher in every digital platform and gain more leads and conversions for your business to thrive. Digital marketing needs to be aggressive, continuously evolving and to the point to keep customer engaged and interested in your brand. Therefore, we at Tenjump, get you the best team of experienced personnel in every field to help with your digital branding.

Analytics and Improvements

Tenjump also analyses and studies every digital campaign to understand its response rate and helps resolves blocks in the customer experience to enhance your brand campaign and make it stronger for best results.

6 reasons why you need a digital marketing strategy from TENJUMP?

  1. You have a website, but not getting any leads or conversions.
  2. You do not know the online audience well.
  3. You are losing business to competition
  4. Your digital presence is not strong enough
  5. Your digital campaign is not well-optimised for best results
  6. You are clueless about your digital branding and online traffic

Choose Tenjump if you are stumbling a road block in your digital marketing process and we shall ensure that your business grows and maximises its profit through digital marketing tailor made for your requirements.